Best iPad Apps that Skyrocket your Business

10 Best iPad apps to skyrocket your business.

To boost business growth and streamline tedious tasks, every B2B marketer must have the right tools or mobile apps. Whether you are running a brick-and-mortar business or selling items online, mobile apps can enhance your business and make you successful in the long run. If you are always busy managing a large team of employees or don’t have enough time to send emails to potential customers, then the following are ten incredible iPad apps you must download.

1. Hootsuite

From saving precious time scheduling the posts to boost your social media presence and handling your online content, Hootsuite can be the perfect app for B2B marketing experts. With the help of the Hootsuite app, you can quickly streamline everyday workflows, deliver better ROI, and produce scalable results. Hootsuite is a great iPad app that can help you schedule numerous business posts on the leading social media channels, track the progress over time, and develop tailored reports.

Best Features:

  • Handle and track various social channels without any roadblocks
  • Easily schedule a social media post and send it any time later in the day
  • Track the progress of the leading social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter
  • Check and receive only selective notifications when users mention your brand or business

Download here

Best iPad Business Apps
Image Credits: Hootsuite

2. Tweetbot

As an award-winning Twitter management tool, Tweetbot has become increasingly popular among B2B marketers. Tweetbot is a vertical-leading iPad app that can help you manage your entire Twitter stream which includes the marketing channels or lists. By using Tweetbot, you can quickly gain access to your Twitter timeline, use filters, and view the tweets easily.

Best Features:

  • B2B marketers can develop and maintain a range of private lists and channels using Tweetbot. It helps you switch between any one of your profile platforms and use a single profile as the major platform
  • Use Tweetbot to completely filter the timeline which can show only relevant tweets, retweets, pictures, hashtags, or keywords
  • Push tweet topics to kickstart multiple tweets at once

Download here

Best iPad Business Apps
Image Credit: Tweet Bot

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3. YouTube Studio

Regardless of the town or country you are in, YouTube Studio helps you handle your brand or business accounts faster. Use YouTube Studio to check the latest comments, statistics, and responses to stay engaged with your users. With the help of YouTube Studio, B2B marketing experts can develop and manage YouTube accounts, manage playlists, or respond to comments anywhere.

Best Features:

  • Develop, manage, and update the account profile pictures
  • Receive notifications every time someone comments or shares your videos
  • Create customized video details which range from thumbnail images, titles, and descriptions
  • Use and track video analytics of your business or brand videos

Download here

Best iPad Business Apps
Image Credits: Youtube

4. Facebook Pages Manager

If you always wanted to manage your Facebook business pages from your smartphone, then download Facebook Pages Manager. This reliable app can help marketing experts stay connected with their target audience or respond to any query quickly.

Best Features:

  • Manage and post different types of business updates or press releases
  • Link your main business account to Facebook or Instagram to streamline your pages
  • Get notification alerts about all the important activities occurring during the day
  • Use your phone to share posts on Facebook or Instagram

Download Here

Best iPad Business Apps
Image Credits: Facebook

5. Google Drive

By downloading Google Drive, you can seamlessly store every important file on a folder using a relevant name. It can help you save all the major files secured at a single location and access them anytime you want. From business videos to client documents, high-quality pictures, and other related files, Google Drive can help you save everything.

Best Features:

  • Check the details of the files and documents
  • Access every file without any hassle using the file name
  • Create and save numerous business-related documents
  • Receive up to 15 GB of free storage

Download here

Best iPad Business Apps
Image Credits: Google

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6. Shopify

Whether you are running a highly-scalable or startup online E-commerce business, the Shopify app can help update every product listing, track the stocks, streamline regular orders, or help you connect with your potential customers. B2B marketers can boost their marketing campaigns using the Shopify app by creating Facebook ads, adding product details, track the progress, and manage a wide array of categories. Many successful online businesses are running seamlessly using Shopify features which include store design, online product ordering, shipping, mobile payment gateways or marketing.

Best Features:

  • Manage, add, or alter customer details
  • Develop high-end discount sales for festive days and holiday seasons
  • Get in touch with your targeted customers and sell multiple products online
  • Track your online store performance by checking the sales report
  • Boost sales using Google Smart Shopping campaign

Download here

Best iPad Business Apps
Image Credits: Shopify

7. WordPress

WordPress app is best-suited for B2B marketing experts to enhance their brand awareness by sharing relevant pictures, videos, business blogs, and statistics. Use the WordPress app to publish anything related to your unique business with your potential customers. You can share pictures or documents directly from your phone on the WordPress app, check and respond to user comments, and track the latest stats.

Best Features:

  • Share and create numerous stories related to your vertical-leading brand or business
  • Use any image on the WordPress app or share pictures from your phone
  • Easily schedule posts
  • Add relevant tags and categories to explore new posts and grow your target audience
  • Track the website statistics and the type of posts boosting website traffic

Download here

Best iPad Business Apps
Image Credits: WordPress

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8. Slack

To communicate with your team anytime or send documents, use Slack to communicate effectively improve your business. Whether you are running an enterprise-grade company or a startup business, you can easily streamline every tedious task using the Slack mobile app. Slack has many amazing features which include creating a to-do list, text any person individually, delegate projects, and connect with the whole team anytime you want.

Best Features:

  • Quickly text a person or assign tasks to anyone
  • Connect with your team and organize regular tasks
  • Share pictures, documents, or business files
  • Turn on customized notifications to focus on important tasks
  • Browse a central knowledge base that quickly archives the team’s previous conversations and files

Download here

Best iPad Business Apps
Image Credits: Slack

9. Asana

When it comes to the leading management tools for B2B marketers, Asana is a must-have iOS app. It can help you organize everything ranging from daily to-dos, set reminders, and share business ideas with the teams. Marketing experts can stay connected using Asana and manage projects without any trouble. If you are facing problems to keep track of numerous projects, then Asana can be your go-to mobile app to streamline everything.

Best Features:

  • Check your everyday to-do lists
  • Manage a wide array of tasks
  • Put due dates, delegate tasks, and keep track of the pending tasks
  • Check and comment on the assigned tasks
  • Receive alert notifications directly in your inbox

Download here

Best iPad Business Apps
Image Credits: Asana

10. Skype

To quickly connect with the team via video calls, Skype is a popular mobile app helping marketers start video discussion with up to 25 people at once. Skype app runs on any device and is available free on the app store. As a leading mobile app for B2B marketing experts, Skype can give you a helping hand in communicating with the team using video calls.

Best Features:

  • Skype allows you to video call anyone and anytime you want
  • Send files, pictures, or messages seamlessly to anyone
  • Mention a person using @ if he or she is not replying
  • Call anyone on Skype for free

Download here

Best iPad Business Apps
Image Credits: Skype

While there are many mobile apps to prevent daily issues and boost business growth, the above-mentioned are the ten most-used apps for every B2B marketer.

Bonus Tip:
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