DesignCap Review: A Cheap and Advanced Graphical Editor

DesignCap is a simple and powerful graphical editing software that helps you and your company create posters and flyers for a variety of various purposes. Creating these posters for your business is a three-step process. First of all, select the template of your poster, edit it as per your needs, and export it.

Top Features:

At some point, every business will find a requirement for graphic design software, regardless of what industry they’re in. To start with, it can make your creative team more productive and increase collaboration.

Furthermore, it can give employees efficient thanks to editing images as they work. Albeit your industry isn’t based within the creative field, any business can enjoy the development of advertisements, brochures, and even corporate reports.

Beyond businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers also need good graphic design software that’s simple and easy to use. Choosing the proper design solution is usually the foremost complex part of the creative process. While the budget and skill level may affect your choice, many other factors will impact your decision.

Whether your business may have a specific file format to please your customers or quick access to specific media or templates, you’ll find that the majority graphic design software offers some important features that are bound to make any goal more attainable.

Although graphic design apps are never equal, most share some general characteristics. Still, some products might not work well in your business no matter the price. To narrow your search, you ought to search for software that has the subsequent features.

  • Image Database
  • Hundreds of Templates
  • Fully customizable
  • Intuitive Interface

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User Interface:

The user interface of the DesignCap is very simple and easy to understand, however, it looks more like the interface of the Canva. First, choose the template and it will take you to the editing tools. The left side panel consists of ready-made icons or images categorized as templates, elements, photos, charts, uploads, text, modules, and background. Some categories are further grouped to make the user easy to navigate to their required poster or images.

For example, charts are future grouped into line, pie, column, and more.

Design Cap Review


DesignCap offers a ton of templates for various subjects such as sales, advertising, holidays, events, weddings, and a lot more. The second step is to feature elements.

With DesignCap, the prices of designing and creating professional posters are reduced dramatically, and therefore the whole process is greatly accelerated. The software presents users with an amazing choice of poster and flyer templates that they will be easily customizable and decorate with elements like photos, fonts, colors, and more. The only limit is the user’s imagination.

Design Cap Review


You can either upload your own photos or use several stock images that DesignCap provides. you’ll also add other elements to the photos, including shapes, fonts, and clipart images. The third and final step is to customize your photos.

DesignCap allows you to customize your posters and flyers by changing the dimensions, position, rotation, font, effect, color, and alignment. you’ll also add and manage layers, and apply different backgrounds.

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Download, Print, and Share:

DesignCap allows the user to export the image in JPG, PNG, and PDF. However, only JPG is supported on the free plan. Users can share the picture with three options, Public view, public & edit, and private.

Public view permits anyone to view the image while public & edit allows other users to view and edit the image. Printing options pull up the common print interface to print the image in a variety of printing options.


DesignCap is free to use with the limited features and templates. The basic plan is priced at $4.99 per month and the Plus plan is priced at $5.99 per month if billed annually. If you would like to go for a monthly plan, then the basic and plus will charge you $8.99 and $12.99 respectively.

Benefits of  DesignCap:

Easy to use

Design Cap doesn’t have any steep learning curve that you and your team simply needs to undergo to completely get familiar with the system. It’s an easy-to-use platform that even novices can get the gist of poster making in only a couple of minutes. All you would like maybe a short time to urge yourself conversant in the platform and you’ll be crafting professional posters and flyers in no time.

It’s Online

Graphic design software and similar systems can take an enormous chunk of space and resources, which suggests you would like to possess an outsized storage capacity and powerful computers to run them. On the opposite hand, Design Cap is a web platform and doesn’t require you to put in the software into your system.

You’ll never need to worry about your computers lagging and bogging down due to lack of space otherwise you don’t have the adequate resources or the specified drivers or the newest version.

Wide Array of Editing and Customization Tools

Design Cap provides an upscale set of editing tools and customizable elements that you simply can use to make posters and flyers that are fully tailored to your business. You’ll adjust the font size, insert images and logos, and use your company’s colors and more, supplying you with full control over how your posters and flyers should appear as if – just the way you would like them.


Now let’s talk about the demerits of the software. Each and every software out there has disadvantages and DesignCap is not an exception. Some important drawbacks are mentioned below.

  • Lack of some important tools such as blur tool
  • Exporting to high-quality such as PNG and PDF falls under the paid plan
  • No mobile support (However, It’s coming soon)

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Final Verdict:

DesignCap may be a free on-line poster design software program created to assist people and organizations of a wide variety and sizes make attractive and professional-searching posters and flyers effortlessly and quickly. It eliminates the necessity to rent professional graphic designers and artists whose services accompany an important tag and need a couple of days to weeks to supply a finished product.

Knowing that companies have distinctive business requirements, it’s logical they avoid choosing a one-size-fits-all, perfect solution. Just an equivalent, it’s futile to undertake to pinpoint such an application even among well-known software products. The reasonable step to try to be to shortlist the several significant functions that decision for an investigation like essential features, packages, skill levels of staff, business size, etc.

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