6 Best Discord Music Bot to Play Music on Your Server

Discord is so popular among gamers as it offers so many features that other messengers or apps failed to offer in terms of gaming. Even though discord provides a lot of options and features, it also allows the users to add bots to their server including music bots.

Bots let the user customize their server with their own likings. But choosing the right bot to suit your needs is a little tricky task to complete because there are a lot of categories of bots to integrate with the server.

Over time, playing music on discord is getting popular among gamers. Even discord itself allows the user to connect with Spotify and play the music directly from it. Besides it, there are a lot of bots to play the music, but only some get the job done perfectly.

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Here are the best music bots for discord to play music on the server. But before that, learn how to add bots to your server. If you’re familiar with adding the bots, then you can skip this section.

How to add bots to the Discord server

To add a bot, you must create a server. Creating a server is pretty simple, easy to do it and takes less than a minute.

1.  Open the Discord app or website and click Add a Server icon (+) on the left toolbar.

Music bot for discord

2. Then click Create a Server

Music bot for discord

3.  Provide your server a name and an image (supports up to 128×128) and click Create.

Music bot for discord

4. In the next window, you will be asked to invite your friends to join your server. Close the dialog box if you don’t want to.

5. Your server is now created and should appear in the left toolbar. Now go the desired bot page and click Add to discord or Invite (Every bot should have a dedicated page and offer an option to add it to discord)

Music bot for discord

6. Then the discord will show you the information that the bot can access. Under Add Bot To option, select the server you have created and click Continue and click Authorize on the next page (Complete the captcha if asked)

If you haven’t logged in to discord on the browser, it will be redirected to the login page. Enter your credentials and your good to go.

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Best Music Bots for Discord

1.  Groove

Groove provides a high-quality music service that streams directly from Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, YouTube, etc.  Even on the large servers with lots of online users, the quality is stable and high. Commands and usability are also very simple and easy to use.

Music bot for discord

While Groove offers a lot of useful features, most of them are paid. Some important options such as volume control fall behind the premium version.

2. ErisBot

Erisbot is an easy to use bot yet packed with advanced configurable options. While the discord provides options to customize the server, Erisbot takes this further and allows the user to modify the commands to best suit they’re easy of use.

Adding the own custom prefix to commands is the feature that most other music bots don’t provide.

Music bot for discord

3. Rhythm

Rhythm is another great music bot that plays music at high-quality and offers a dashboard for admins to easily control the music being played. Unlike others, Rhythm helps you find the lyrics of the music that comes handy if you like to sing along.

Music bot for discord

4. FredBoat

FredBoat is the most famous and completely free to use music bot for discord. Like others, it provides high-quality music playback that can be pulled from Sound Cloud, YouTube, Spotify, etc. You can either use these services or use the built-in search feature of FredBoat to find the music you want.

Music bot for discord

5. Vexera

Vexera is another eminent discord music bot that includes the playback from a popular music streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, Sound Cloud, etc. Like Rhythm, this bot can also find lyrics of the music playing.

Something that Vexera offers while others fail is the ability to ban, mute, or kick members in the server. Another feature worth mentioning is that the bot also supports 15 different languages.

Music bot for discord

6.  BMO

BMO is the all in one discord bot that supports Games, Utilities, Image manipulation, music and a lot more. Compared to others, BMO is complicated to learn as it contains 300+ commands and each of them is hard to memorize as well. When it comes to music, it works decent enough to search, play, and add them to queue.

Overall if you’re looking for more features and options on a single bot, then BMO is the one.

Music bot for discord


Use these bots to spice up your server with some music. Choosing the right bot not only includes its usability but also the commands that are easier to remember.

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