iOS 13.1 Released with bug fixes and stability improvements.

Apple officially released iOS 13.1 to the public just a few days after the release of iOS 13. This version fixes a lot of bugs that iOS 13 encounters.

We strongly recommend updating your iPhone to iOS 13.1 let’s see what Apple has changed and fixed.

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  •  A lot of bugs and crashes has been fixed
  • Contacts bypass passcode bug has been fixed
  • Processor throttling on iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR
  • U1 chip-enabled airdrop interface
  • Mute & un mute functionality has been added to apple arcade
  • New dynamic wallpapers
  • Existing dynamic wallpapers are also updated 
  • Volume HUD while using now shows the respective output device icon 
  • Volume HUD bar extends further at min and max level 
  • New animation for the Volume HUD while increasing or decreasing volume
  • Audio sharing is available again 
  • Volume HUD doesn’t hide anymore while talking Screenshot 
  • Icons which shows up while 3D touching settings have been tweaked a bit 
  • Health app icons while 3D touching has been updated
  • 3 finger tap and hold for text on the home screen has been fixed
  • Bluetooth controllers will have a respective icon in the batteries section (which shows the battery % of the device even if it is a joystick) on widgets 
  • Bolder weather icon in the widgets 
  • 2 heart face emojis have been updated 
  • Airdrop menu will now show device type with icons 
  • The AppStore splash screen has been updated 
  • The shortcuts splash screen has been updated 
  • The watch app splash screen has been updated 
  • New Music app splash screen
  • Automatons return to shortcuts
  • More info icon has been updated with share icon in the app store 
  • Vertical view on the gallery tab in shortcuts (instead of horizontal)
  • New “suggested Automation” section added in shortcuts 
  • Sharing ETA re-added to maps 
  • Brightness and text size has been re-named to display and brightness in the Watch app 
  • New suggested scenes added the in-home app  
  • New light switch icons added in home  
  • All the light switch icons are animated  
  • The icons in the notes share sheet has been changed
  • Photo preview (by haptic touch) in notes app fit the screen
  • Crash bug in the Photos app has been fixed 
  • The fonts landing page has been tweaked updated 
  • Shortcuts settings consist of a new section called Sharing Security  
  • You can now map right-click on a mouse to 3D touch or long-press  
  • Added HEVC video encoding resulting in an easier green screen composting  SSH key can now be generated in shortcuts

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