5 Best Alternatives to YouTube: Sites like YouTube

We all have got so used to using YouTube that we all have forgotten that there are more sites like that which exist in the vast internet universe, which in some ways might be better suited to the type of content we are looking for, they all have certain qualities which set them aside from each other. Here below are five that I find most fascinating personally, 

I do not include streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, etc. cause, for me, they’re more close to the television and only produce professional content. YouTube premium is there, but I don’t think it has as much outreach as other platforms for paid subscriptions.


Dailymotion has been around as much as YouTube and is a fierce competitor, with an extensive and vast library, and easy to use and understand interface. It also has a strong presence on many platforms.

Out of all the sites I mentioned, this one for me is the most significant rival to YouTube. With constant uploads from newcomers as well as professional content, it attracts a lot of traffic. The trending topics and famous are organized for easy access, while other categories and videos are tidily available.

Alternative to YouTube: Dailymotion
Image Source: Dailymotion

If you’re a creator, then Daily motion has vast advantage over YouTube. For creators, copyright strike is one of the main disadvantage of YouTube but however, its actually not good to steal and have someone’s content on your channel. In Daily Motion, there is no copyright strike but penalties that harm the uploader but not as copy right strike.

For personalized content, one can make an account quickly, which will update your front page with content whenever you browse.


Second largest video sharing website (After YouTube)

No copyright strike


Video length is capped at 60 Min

Ads are placed in between the videos

No 3D support

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It has focused on high-quality content, and staff picks, which are freshly updated. You can even follow individual categories or genres based on the type of content you like.

 A clean interface, the first thing you’ll notice the content in front is marked with accolades and awards it received. That tells you how deliberate they are about good content with a Vimeo on Demand account. Without even going down, you can see the staff picks on a bar above. I loved the way the website looks and feels, and found it very easy to find videos to my liking.

Alternative to YouTube: Vimeo
Image Source: VIMEO

For creators, it has flexible support paid plan, which gives them access as well as usage rights and helps them grow their channel. YouTube has support, but sometimes I feel for channel growth of an individual channel Vimeo does it better.


No ads to interrupt the video

More privacy options than YouTube: Password protect or allow certain accounts to view the video

Customizable player

Custom domain name

Suggest only your videos at the end of each video (Should be configured on settings)


Very less traffic compared to YouTube

Limited storage, however, the limit can be increased by upgrading the plan


A site focused on gaming, live streaming, esports, and game talks. This site is gamer heaven. It has also been known to stream live music videos, concerts and music festivals. I recommend it if you love games. Twitch is the only platform other than YouTube which I find has given popularity to content creators.

Alternative to YouTube: Twitch
Image Source: Twitch

When you open it, you immediately find a list of channels streaming right now. Some are even chat-based, where you can also interact with some of your favorite streamers. You can find videos as well as explore new games worth checking out. Its tight-knit strong community also makes you want to stay connected.

Not into games, then you have live music performance channels which teach as well, watch people make food live, or watch artists do their magic and use their brush on their stream.


Especially for gamers (Pro if you’re a gamer)

Easy integration with PS4 and Xbox


Especially for Gamers (Con if you’re not a gamer)

Poor chat moderation (compared to YouTube)

Only focuses on live streaming

Hard to get a sub button

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Metacafe is the only site like YouTube that also has image galleries to browse as content. Galleries give the option to the user to browse it even when the internet is a bit sluggish, and you don’t want to deal with the buffering.

Its videos are usually short and for those people who want to go online and enjoy short clips. Basic categories are displayed at the top, while for more classes, there is a menu to the side. This site is much better to find memes than other ones on the list here.

Alternative to YouTube: Metacafe
Image Source: Metacafe

Its interface is smooth and quick to use. I like the shareability of the videos as well, which anyone can watch anytime and bring a smile to their faces.


Each and every video is manually reviewed, filtered out before going through public

More relevant search results


Upload size is limited to 100 MB

Video is short-formed with 90 Secs to 180 Secs

No, like or dislike button

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TED Talks

With an ever-growing video collection of topics and speeches which make you laugh, cry, learn something new, it is one YouTube alternative that you can’t ignore. With a new feature of an activity feed, it tells you what everyone else is watching right now and their recommendations.

Though it is more famous for its moving talks, it has some conversations which are for fun. They have some great discussions which are suitable for children and mental health and involves talks from very prominent people around the world.

Alternative to YouTube: Ted Talks
Image Source: TED Talks

It was more of an offline movement which goes back to 1984, recently with growth online they’re outreach spans throughout the globe and is a non-profit is respected in the community, even now it hosts actual events which also you can attend or be the star of your own TED talk. There is a unique feature where they mark small length videos with a red dot at the corner if you are in the mood for short talks. 

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